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In  our website you will find resources to help you know what your children need to learn at school.  We identify and design educational materials that address the Common Core Standards.  We believe that all of us need to be informed about what our children need to learn in order to provide the support, guidance, materials, and resources to meet those objectives.  

Our resources focus on three key subject areas: math, language arts, and technology.  We believe that these three areas are the most important and necessary skills for an individual to be successful in life.  Also, our experience as educators has demonstrated that when children receive the academic support as soon as they begin their academic path, they will be successful learners for the rest of their lives.  This is the major reason why Mi Tutor has committed to developing and designing educational materials and resources for kinder through third grade elementary school students. 

As a parent you can do so much to assist your child.  As a matter of fact we believe that education begins at home and that this aspect alone is the most important indicator of a child's success in their academic life.  That is why we include not only pertinent articles about the thre major academic areas, but we offer academic tools and resources to support you as a parent at home.  

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We thank you for taking the time to read about education and how you can assist your child at home.  The simple fact that you are reading this article demonstrates that you know the importance of your involvement in the education of your children.

All we ask is that you register so we can keep you informed about all the new resources we will develop in the future.  Also, we will be grateful if you take the time to provide feedback so we can improve our services and products.

Thank you again.

Arturo Aldana