Establishing Routines at Home

So it is important that we help our children be prepared to be good students from the beginning in their academic life.

An effective strategy is to create routines and schedules at home that resemble the school settings.



 We should establish regular hours for:

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner

• Homework, studying, and reading

• Exercise

• bed-time

• Arriving school on time

Other easy tips to implement:

• Discussing daily events of the day with your child

• Not placing TV’s or computers in their bedroom

• Establishing a place of study reading

• Buying age appropriate books for your children

• Visiting the library often

• Visiting museums and cultural centers 

Educational tools for home:

• Books as gifts and library cards

• Blocks or other geometric figures

• Black or white boards and paper for writing and drawing

• Pencils, crayons, colors

• Educational toys, and building artifacts

• Glue, scissors, tape, etc.


Written by Arturo Aldana 

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMSat