10 Bedtime Stories to Read to Your Child This Summer

Here are some suggestions for free Kindle bedtime stories to read to your child every night.  You can either read them online on Amazon.com or download them for free on your Kindle App.

Bedtime can be a fun tradition for your child with cute bedtime stories.  Not only you will have a special moment with your child every night but he/she will look forward to going to bed with these entertaining stories.

Academic Vocabulary

Academic vocabulary includes the most common words used in the context of a classroom.  There is specific vocabulary for each subject area.  We focus on at least four content areas: language arts, math, social studies, and science.

Reading Skills Importance

Children’s academic success, as well as the success they will achieve in adult life, truly depends in large part on their ability to read.

How to Raise a Reader

From the moment you’re expecting your first child, you are bombarded with messages about the importance of reading. For good reason: The benefits of reading at every stage of a child’s development are well documented. Happily, raising a reader is fun, rewarding and relatively easy.

Importance of Writing

To build a foundation for college and career readiness, students need to learn to use writing as a way of offering and supporting opinions, demonstrating understanding of the subjects they are studying, and conveying real and imagined experiences and events.