Technology at Home

Most pediatricians provide guidance on the physical and emotional well-being of children.

How to make technology safe for children

internet-clipart-RiAyAXrLTWould you give your child a knife? Why? A knife is a very useful tool in the kitchen of every home. Beyond the kitchen, a knife could be useful in certain emergencies. But in the wrong hands, it can become a dangerous weapon. The same happens with new technologies and its scope. The misuse of technology, lack of information or lack of guidance, is a latent risk to children.

Digital Life and Common Sense


What’s the Issue?  We may think of our kids’ online, mobile, and technological activities as “digital life,” but to them it’s just life. In their world, being able to connect and communicate 24/7 from just about any location is normal and expected!

Mankind is absolete.

You have probably heard this on occasion. At this time, the trend of almost every aspect of life is towards digitization and mechanization.

Importance of Technology

clip-art-online-computer and books signifying books online 0521-1004-3015-4142 SMUIn a globalised economy with a high degree of competition among countries, the success of a nation depends on the educational level of its workforce. This is true not only for those just entering or already integrated into the labour market but also for the unemployed, who may lack the qualifications required by the growing demands of a knowledge economy.

Ten Ways to Use Technology to Increase Parent Participation

Research has consistently shown that parent participation is a leading factor in determining student success.  However, our modes of parent participation have remained largely unchanged in decades.  Parents rely on sparsely scheduled open houses and parent-teacher conference nights.

10 Steps to Take in Response to Cyberbullying

There are very spicific steps you can take or teach your children to avoid cyberbullying.  The worst-case scenario is to avoid or ignore it.  It exists, it is dangerous and it has taken some individuals to extreme measures.  The following steps are provided for your information; use them!

Common Core Standards

We have included the Common Core Standards for 3 academic subject areas in grade k-8.  You can view a list of standards from a particular subject area and grade by clicking on the related viewing button.