10 competencies that teachers of ELD should possess

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clipart-for-teachers-folder teacher notesThere are 10 competencies that teachers of ELD should possess. The competencies should guide professional development, assisting teachers at all stages of their careers to teach all English learners well and to prepare them to be productive members of their school and home communities.

    • 1. Knowledge of research on first- and second-language acqusition and how this research has informed instruction and assessment
    • 2. Understanding of academic language in English, with experience in helping students make connections to the home language
    • 3. Knowledge of discipline-specific content and its cognitive and linguistic demands on English learners
    • 4. Deep understanding of instruction, both in practice and through research,on the implementation of curricula and strategies effectiv with English learners
    • 5. Understanding and implementation of assessment to inform instruction and monitor progres meaningfully and efficiently in response to English learner needs
    • 6. Understanding of how contextual factors in classroom, schools,and communities influence learning and access to the curriculum for diverse learners
    • 7. Understanding of learners and their families, their strengths and their chalenges—especially the impact of language and culture on communities living in poverty
    • 8. Knowledge and expertise in the use of approches to involve families in extending classroom learning to diverse communities
    • 9. Knowledge and skill in conducting inquiry about teaching and learning in classrooms in ways that are responsive to English learners needs
    • 10. Skills and experience in working effectively and collaboratively within small communities of inquiry designed to advance learning for English learners. 

Source: Merino 2007,6 , Improving Education for English Learners,  Research-Based Approaches,

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