¿Evaluar o no evaluar? No debería ser la pregunta.

Leo con curiosidad, y hasta cierto punto molestia, el debate de que si se debe o no evaluar a los profesores de la educación pública.  Hay que agregarle a este debate la decisión que tomó el titular de la Secretaría de Educación Pública, Emilio Chuayffet Chemor, la de cancelar para el año entrante las pruebas ENLACE.

Eight problems with Common Core Standards

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So it was probably in March of that year when, sitting at a dining room table in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, my host — a Third grade teachers learn how to teach common core mathematics in Tennessee. (Mark A Large/publishing executive, friend, and fellow West Virginian — said he’d just bought the book.

Pruebas de práctica

Esta página contiene pruebas de la práctica en español para los diferentes niveles de grado que se describen a continuación. Para secundaria y preparatoria, incluye todas las áreas requeridas. Para PRIMARIA hay 3 áreas temáticas disponibles.

Common Core Standards Cons

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smiley-face-thumbs-down-clipart-aceRqezki1. The Common Core Standards will be a very difficult adjustment for students and teachers initially. Make no mistake that this will be a difficult transition. It is not the way many teachers are used to teaching and not the way that many students are used to learning. There will not be instant results, but instead will be a slow process.

ELD Teachers K-5 - Assessment Strategies

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english-language-learning-aveenasThe topic of the education of immigrants  and language minorities has always been accompanied by social and political controversy in California. The state of California has provided specialized programs for English learners since 1960s,

Common Core Standards Pros

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   smiley-face-thumbs-down-clipart-di7pLyxi91. The Common Core Standards are internationally bench-marked. This means that our standards will compare favorably to standards of other countries. This is positive in that the United States has dropped considerably in educational rankings over the last few decades.

10 competencies that teachers of ELD should possess

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clipart-for-teachers-folder teacher notesThere are 10 competencies that teachers of ELD should possess. The competencies should guide professional development, assisting teachers at all stages of their careers to teach all English learners well and to prepare them to be productive members of their school and home communities.

Common Core Standards: arguments against — and for

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opinion-clipart-k12118272In a recent post, Yong Zhao, presidential chair and associate dean for global education at the University of Oregon’s College of Education, asked five key questions about the Common Core State Standards, which are coming to 46 states and the District of Columbia.

5 Tips for Explaining Common Core to Parents

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In many schools and districts, October and November are filled with parent-teacher conferences. Teachers across the nation meet with parents during early-release days and evening sessions to discuss each student’s progress and successes. This year, many schools and teachers are facing a new, difficult topic to discuss with parents: Common Core Assessment results.

Why I oppose Common Core standards: Ravitch

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opposition-clipart-debate-clip-artI have thought long and hard about the Common Core State Standards. I have decided that I cannot support them. In this post, I will explain why.

8 pasos para prepararse para la temporada de examenes

Nos guste o no, las evaluaciones académicas son un ritual anual en nuestras vidas. Cada año nuestras escuelas asumen ese enorme desafío para evaluar nuestros hijos. Tenemos que estar preparados para ayudar a nuestros hijos a tener éxito en este importante proceso . El siguiente artículo 8 recomienda medidas concretas para estar preparados para la temporada de prueba.  Articulo completo